Exploring Jazz Piano  Updates and corrections

As with any new publication, mistakes always slip through the net. In spite of many, many hours of checking and proof-reading both text and music, several errors made it into the first printing.

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Vol 1 (first printing) - Corrections and Index

Tthe first printing of Vol 1 was spiral bound, with Herbie Hancock on the front cover.

If you own this, you'll have noticed there is no INDEX ­ as publication date loomed, it was decided there just wasn't time to prepare this without going way over schedule. I've now compiled the index, which appears in the 2006 reprint and subsequent printings.

NB: All editions of Vol. 2 contain their own self-contained index.

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a PDF file of the INDEX

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Vol 1 corrections

Vol 1 (latest printing) - Corrections Last updated 25 March 2007

Subsequent reprints have a non-spiral, 'stay-flat' binding, and a photo of me on the front cover in place of Herbie Hancock.

All the known errors have been corrected in this edition, and it also includes the INDEX. However, a few copies have a serious error on p. 197, which features identical music to p. 196, ie: the melody of CLOUD NINE is missing. Once you've downloaded it, please print p. 197 out and paste it into your copy of Vol. 1.

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a PDF file of p. 197
(Cloud Nine melody)

Vol 2 - Corrections Last updated 25 March 2007

Playing in 3/4 Time
p. 24, third tune from bottom of list: Should be "West Coast Blues" (not "West End Blues") .

Minor Eleventh Chords
p.30, text on first line should read: "Minor seventh chords containing the fourth can...".

Fig 9.15 (a), (b) and (c)
p. 179, bass note for all three Gb7 chords should be Gb (not (Fb).

Tension & Release Blues #2
p.180, final bar, LH chord (tied from previous bar): Bottom note should be Eb (not E natural).

Rhythm Changes Comping #1
p. 192, bar 1, Bb6/9 chord: Left-hand notes should be labelled 69 (not 59)

Suggested Listening
p. 279, 4th entry from top - Sonny Sharrock: DELETE "see also Miles Davis Jack Johnson"
and ADD: "see also Herbie Mann Memphis Underground, Wayne Shorter Supernova."

If you notice any other errors in either volume, please e-mail them to me at





USA and Canada

Vols 1 and 2 were launched in the USA in Autumn 2007. They are priced at $39.95 each, and distributed by Hal Leonard. Both volumes now include an INDEX, and a non-spiral 'stay-flat' binding replaces the previous 'covered spiral' binding. This edition is now on sale in Europe too; the spiral-bound books are no longer available.

Other changes include the covers, which now feature my photo instead of Herbie Hancock's! This is because American law prohibits likenesses of well-known people appearing on book covers without payment of royalties to the person in question. My photo also now appears on new printings of IBP.