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Corrections for Vol 1

If you own the first edition of Vol 1 (spiral bound, Herbie Hancock on cover) please take the time to correct the following errors in MUSIC and TEXT:

ERRORS in MUSIC ­ as of 2 January 2006

Errors noticed since then are in BLUE

Coincidence Calypso
p. 28, bar 11, last 2 LH notes (inc grace note): Fingering should be 21 (not 23).

Fig 1.63
p. 47, 3rd bar: Gb note should have a bold R above it (not 3).

The Lost Valley
p. 48, bar 10: DELETE Eb sign in first (tied) RH chord.

Fig 2.20 (a)
p. 67, 2nd bar, 3rd group of triplets: Alter fingering from 431 to 421.

'A' Train Improvisation
p. 69, bar 7: Last note should be A (not G), fingering of last two notes should be 42 (not 24).

Fig 2.26,
p. 70 'up in semitones' bracket: Move start of bracket one note to the left, so that it covers E to G (not F to G).

Montuno for Monty
p. 75, final chord: Add 8vb to LH octaves.

Song for Sally
p. 86, bar 1: Add LH fingering - middle note (F): 3.
Bar 2: Add LH fingering - middle note (G): 2.
Bar 14: Top left hand note should be Db (not C), as in bar 16.
p. 87, bar 32: Add fingering to RH chord: 1235.

Dream On
p. 93, bar 31: 2nd LH chord is wrong, notes should be as in bar 15 (Dbmaj7).

Major Seventh Workout (second page)
p. 97, top left of score: Add 'B' in a square box to match 'A' on p. 96.

Fig 3.13(a)
p. 98, 2nd bar, first two notes (F# and D): Change fingering from 35 to 53.

Down the Line
p. 104, bar 5: Lowest LH note should be Ab (not A).
Bar 21: Three FLAT signs missing in LH - should be as in bar 13.

Fig 3.22
p. 105, last example in RH column: Lowest note should be Bb (not B).

Fig 3.25
p. 106, bar 6: Move roman numeral V over NEXT chord, C7.

Straight No Chaser
p. 108, bar 7: RH fingering should be 234 (not 345).


p. 130, bar 9: Alter pedal marking to match bar 17.
Bar 10: Fingering of RH octave should be 15 (not 13).
Bar 24: Change dynamics to mf.
p. 131, bar 29: Change dynamics to mp.
Solo section: Alter pedal markings in bar 1 and add them in bars 9 and 17, all to match bar 17 of head on p. 130.

Figs 4.13 and 4.14
p. 141, middle chord symbol in both examples should be G7 (not Gm7)

Fig 4.31
p. 154, bar 2: LH chord should be F and A (not D and F).

p. 156, bar 6: Last LH chord must have Eb as top note, tied to next bar (Fm7).
Bar 27: Last LH chord must have Bb as top note, tied to next bar (Cm7).
Bar 28: Last LH chord should have F natural.

Dream Improvisation
p. 185, bars 5-8: 'C major pentatonic' text applies only to the 16 notes in bars 5-6.

Funky Two-Five
p. 189, final bar of Coda: Extend pedal marking to end of bar with no change.

Assignments: Two-handed and Rootless Voicings
p. 193: Two figs omitted - corrected page to appear here soon.

Cloud Nine
p. 197 Some editions have incorrect music on this page, duplicating p. 196 instead of giving the melody.
Click here to download the correct version of p. 197, but please note the small mistake:
Bar 13, second RH note should be F natural (not F#).

White Russian
p. 215, solo section, bar 1: Add missing FLAT signs in boxed scale: Ab and Bb.
Bar 5: Add missing FLAT signs in boxed scale: Db, Bb and Ab.
Last bar of solo (Gm+): Add DS al Fine (3rd time).

Prelude to a Kiss
p. 218, 5th chord sequence from bottom of page: 1st chord should be Emaj7 (not Eb).

In a Sentimental Mood

p. 221, bar 19, 2nd LH chord (Bb9): Add natural sign in front of the D.
Bar 20, 1st LH chord (Eb9): Bottom note should be G natural.
Bar 20, 2nd LH chord (Ab9): Bottom note should be Gb.

ERRORS in TEXT ­ Last updated 2 January 2006

p. 34, 'Inversions' bullet pt: Last two lines should read
"...played in second inversion in Cycle #3 are now in first inversion..."

p. 38, Fig 1.42 caption: After '(a) Fourths', ADD in brackets '(alternative fingering)'
Vertical improvisation techniques, first line: Change 'In the last assignment...' to 'In assignment 4...'

p. 41, two lines above Fig 1.51: Change 'based on R, 2 and 3 of...' to 'based on the notes of...'

p. 47, line below Fig 1.63: Change 'is the third of each chord.' to 'is either the third or the root of each chord.'

p. 63, line below Fig 2.16: Change Fig ref from 1.27 to 1.35.
Line below this: Change 'second bar' to 'final bar'.

p. 66, 1st line: Change bold roman numerals to read II ­ V ­ I (not II ­ IV ­ I).

p. 73, Montuno for Monty: First line under title should read: Cuban 'son' (not 'song').

p. 141, Assmt 1, 3rd line: Change R5/73 to R5/37.

p. 154, Assmt 3, last line: After 'underneath your solo.' ADD 'See also Fig 5.27.'.

p. 173 'Key centres' bullet point: Change 2nd sentence to read:

'Although the first two chords F#m7 ­ B7 are technically II ­ V in the key of E, they never resolve to I.
For the purposes of improvisation you can consider them to be in F# minor, thinking in terms of the Dorian mode on F# rather than the scale of E major.'

p. 190, 3rd line below Fig 5.21: Should read 'for more examples see Fig 5.23 and...'

p. 193, Assignment 1: Should read II - V - I Arpeggio Workout.

p. 195 Photo caption: Change to 'with Israel Crosby (bass) and Vernell Fournier (drums)..'

p. 212, Line above 'The Phrygian mode' heading:
DELETE 'given overleaf, and In Vol. 2, Fig 6.44.' and replace with: 'given in Assignment 5 below.'

p. 215, Checkpoint, 3rd line: Change Fig 5.47(a) to Fig 5.52.

p. 232, Middle column, GEOFF KEEZER entry, 2nd line: Change 1998 to 1988.

p. 237 Appendix IV, 'Fake book' entry:
DELETE 'See Chapter 4, p. X.', replace with: 'See p. 170.'

p. 238 Quiz Answers, below 'Chapter 2':
DELETE 'Question at bottom of p. X', replace with: 'Question at top of p. 56'.


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