Advanced Level Piano Classes

Jazz Piano 4 - weekly classes
Morley College, 61 Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7HT
(Lambeth North or Waterloo tube)

Tel: 020-7450 1889 (enrolment) or 020-7450 1838 (advice)

Wednesdays 8.00-9.30.
Course Nos and costs:
Term 1 - MJP070A - £145 12 classes - starts 19 September 2018. Details
Term 2 - MJP070B - £130 11 classes - starts 9 January 2019. Details
Term 3 - MJP070C - £120 10 classes - starts 24 April 2019. Last class includes TRIO performance with bass & drums. Details
NB: This is a year-long course - it doesn't start again every term.

A tutor's signature is required to enrol on this course - attend the Enrolment/advice day
at Morley on Thu 6 September 2019, 4 - 8 pm, where you can talk to Tim and other
tutors to find out the best course for you...

This class is for jazz pianists who have already completed several years of study, and focuses on advanced jazz harmony and improvisation to professional level. Students are able to spend the whole year (3 terms) on the material covered in Tim's book Exploring Jazz Piano Vol 2.

Topics include quartal harmony, modes, altered and diminished chords/scales, pentatonics, rootless voicings, polychords, block chords, accompaniment, bebop and modal jazz, improvisation techniques, ear training, etc.

There is also the added bonus of the end of year performance (see photo), at which students get the opportunity to perform with a professional bassist and drummer - in many ways the highlight of the course.

Attending JAZZ PIANO 4 for a year is recommended before enrolling on the
CITY LIT Jazz Piano Transcribing course - see below.

Jazz Piano Transcribing - two classes a term
The City Lit, Keeley Street, Covent Garden, London WC2B 4BA
(Charing Cross, Holborn or Covent Garden tube)
Tel: 020-7831 7831 (enrolment) or 020-7492 2630 (advice)

Six Sundays 2.30-5.30 - £179 for all 6 classes Details
Term 1: 28 Oct, 2 Dec 2018
Term 2: 20 Jan, 24 Feb 2019
Term 3: 24 Mar, 5 May 2019
Course No. ME628. Tutor: Tim Richards.

This course is suitable for pianists who have already attended an intermediate/advanced level class, or completed several years of jazz piano study. It is aimed at those with performing or gigging experience, who already have some jazz repertoire and improvisational ability. Reasonable music-reading skills and a working knowlege of chord symbols are essential.

Not so much a class, more of an informal study group for performing pianists, meeting six times a year to study and transcribe the playing of important jazz pianists of the last 70 years. The tutor will provide specific recordings to work with, but suggestions are welcomed.

Most jazz musicians agree that transcribing solos from records is the BEST way of improving your jazz playing. During the 4-6 weeks between meetings, you will need to spend time listening to tracks and attempting the transcribing process. Help will be given with transcription techniques. Participants will be able to compare notes and perform to each other in the informal setting of a small group.

Pianists chosen for study in the past have included Bill Evans, Herbie Hancock, Wynton Kelly, Gene Harris, McCoy Tyner, Michel Petrucciani, Oscar Peterson, Phineas Newborn Jr, Horace Silver, Bud Powell, Thelonious Monk, Dr John, Ray Bryant, and many others. There are also opportunities for you to suggest and pursue study topics of your own choice, which might include more traditional styles such as stride, boogie or New Orleans piano.

• In-depth listening to jazz piano recordings in a variety of styles
• Transcription and analysis of recorded solos
• Application of stylistic and technical features from recordings to your own solos

By the end of the course you should be able to:

• Transcribe solos with increased facility
• Apply techniques learnt from recordings to your own playing
• Display improved aural skills
• Play more interesting solos

Testimonial from 2011/12 student:

"A really thorough course which helps develop a method of transcribing jazz solos for a better understanding of techniques and styles. Not a performance course in itself but one that helped me develop my technique of improvisation. Highly interactive and good for expanding the knowledge of the jazz piano repertoire."

Blues Piano 2 (advanced) - weekly classes
Morley College, 61 Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7HT
(Lambeth North or Waterloo tube)

Tel: 020-7450 1889 (enrolment) or 020-7450 1838 (advice)

From Sep 2018 this class is WEEKLY on Tuesdays 8:00-9:30pm

The course runs over three terms:
Term 1: First class Tue 18 September 2018 (12 weeks) £145 Details
Term 2: First class Tue 8 January 2019 (11 weeks) £130 Details
Term 3: First class Tue 23 April 2019 (10 weeks) £120 Details

Enrolment is separate for each term, but the course is a year long. You are strongly encouraged to attend all 3 terms.

By popular demand, a follow-up to Blues Piano1!
Suitable for pianists with previous blues piano experience, good left/right hand coordination and some improvising skills.

A great opportunity to explore a variety of styles from boogie-woogie and New Orleans to jazz and funk - we also focus on the styles of individual pianists. Learn new left-hand techniques, improve your aural skills, transcribe from recordings and develop your soloing ability.

A tutor's signature is required to enrol

Jazz Piano weekend at Benslow
Benslow Music, Benslow Lane, Hitchin, Herts SG4 9RB
Tel: 01462 459446 Benslow Website

Fri 12 - Sun 14 April 2019
1st session 8pm on Friday, finishing 4pm Sunday
Cost: £205 (non-resident), £280 (resident)

An intermediate/advanced level course in the relaxing surroundings of Benslow house More details

Jazz Piano Trio - Studio Workshop Details
Morley College Summer School
61 Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7HT

(Lambeth North or Waterloo tube)
Tel: 020-7450 1889 (enrolment) or 020-7450 1838 (advice)

Two consecutive Saturdays: 14 and 21 July 2018 10-4pm
Course No SMU067A - Cost £85.

A unique opportunity to work with a professional bassist and drummer and make a trio recording in the Morley College recording studio.
The course is aimed at those who have completed several years of jazz piano study, or those with some previous performing experience.

The first day will be spent discussing repertoire, arrangements, chord voicings, improvisation techniques and how to adapt one's style for playing with a rhythm section. On the second day each pianist will record a tune of their choice with bass and drums. A Yamaha grand piano and sound engineer are provided. You will be given a copy of the audio files to take away.