Tim Richards' Hextet - TELEGRAPH HILL (2015)

Track Listing:

1. Telegraph Hill  - Tim Richards 6.02
2. Joe’s Outside  - Dick Pearce 5.41
3. Lucid Dreaming  - Tim Richards 5.49
4. Spirit Walking  - Tim Richards 3.34
5. Shapeshifting  - Tim Richards 7.26
6. Storebaeltsbroen  - Ralph Wyld 5.21
7. Tollbridge  - Tim Richards 4.56
8. Discovery  - Tim Richards 4.20
9. Clandestine  - Ed Jones 8.30
10. Ease Up  - Dominic Howles 7.00


“Pianist Tim Richards is one of the cornerstones of British jazz. Over more than three decades his work has been amazingly consistent - attractively melodic, harmonically rich and refreshingly unpompous. Hextet maintains the standard… A joy from beginning to end.”
Dave Gelly - THE OBSERVER 

“The splendidly consistent and splendidly passionate Richards, with his generous Tyner-esque chords and blues inflected solos, keeps the groove to the foreground while the horns keep the whole shebang tight and true… But it’s the energy of his compositions that, as ever, grab the ear and heart.”

“British composer-pianist Tim Richards’ attractive 30-year-long agenda – smartly composed funky soul-jazz and hard bop, shrewd bandleading choices of talented old hands and gifted newcomers – remains in good shape. References suggest Herbie Hancock and McCoy Tyner, but he gives these enduring connections new meaning.” 
John Fordham - THE GUARDIAN

“A name synonymous with great British jazz of the last thirty-five years, pianist Tim Richards’ new album Telegraph Hill exudes the familiar characteristics of his playing and writing – buoyant, grooving melodies and arrangements which sparkle with his players' individual, improvisatory freedom. It would be difficult not to get caught up in the verve of the pianist's soundscapes – on the one hand, possessing straight-ahead accessibility, but then bristling with big tunes, emphatic playing and frequent swing… and sumptuous solo work amongst brassy stabs. It's great to find Tim Richards 'mixing it up' again with his personnel, injecting the richness of these original compositions/arrangements with snappy, intelligent improvisation.”
Adrian Pallant - LONDON JAZZ NEWS

 “A very satisfying album… a fascinating blend of youth and experience. There’s a majestic and dramatic quality about Richards’ writing that invokes expansive and absorbing solos… it’s good to hear him writing for horns and vibes once more.
Ian Mann - thejazzmann.com