Tim Richards' Jazz Piano Notebook- new!

A new publication aimed at the advanced pianist, this is a collection of practice routines and studies designed to improve your fluency in all keys, learn new chord voicings and encourage you to explore new improvisation techniques.

This book is Vol 3 of a series initiated by US pianist Scot Ranney, the brain behind the website



Scot's Scripts

Blues, Boogie & Gospel Collection - new!

The long awaited follow-up to' Improvising Blues Piano' is not so much a tutor, more a collection of 15 pieces for solo piano, all played by Tim on the accompanying CD.

The collection features 13 Tim Richards originals in a range of blues and gospel styles, and includes two pieces originally published by ROCKSCHOOL in their Popular Piano syllabus (Timbo's Gumbo and Raised on the Gospel), specially updated for this edition.

The remaining two pieces are special arrangements of the gospel classic Wade in the Water, and the iconic Jelly Roll Morton number The Jelly Roll Blues.

52 pages including photos and CD. RRP £12.99.

"Tim Richards... belongs in the category of authentic jazz composers – perhaps the leading pioneer in this field. He is, quite simply, the 'real deal' – an internationally acclaimed performing artist with an established career...

It is little surprise, then, that his latest publication is an instant classic, earning an immediate place at the top table. These are deeply felt, expertly realised and above all authentic pieces that will not only hopefully open up the world of blues piano playing to a new wave of enthusiasts, but which are classics in their own right.

Add in the outstanding and lavish presentation, the brilliant educational content, foot-tapping CD recording and very reasonable price, and Tim Richards Blues, Boogie and Gospel Collection proves itself not simply as the best “jazz piano” publication of the year, but probably the best of the decade so far."

Andrew Eales -

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Brazilian Piano Collection

My second collaboration with John Crawford, just published! Not so much a tutor, but a compilation of traditional and modern pieces, including a selection of Brazilian tangos and choros by Francisca Gonzaga and Ernesto Nazareth - such as his famous piece 'Odeon'.

Six originals by John and three by Tim, some of which were written especially for this volume. A few are revised versions of pieces from 'Exploring Latin Piano'. All pieces are played on the accompanying CD by John or Tim.

64 pages including CD. RRP £11.99.

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Exploring Latin Piano

The latest book in the 'Exploring' series is a collaboration betwen Tim and pianist John Crawford, an intensive survey of the huge field that is Latin piano. It follows the same format as the previous books, but comes with TWO audio CDs, featuring John playing every tune in the book. A wide range of styles from many countries are featured, including:

• Cuba - son, montuno, mambo, cha-cha-chá, bolero, danzón
• Brazil - bossa nova, samba, baion, afoxé, frevo, chorinho
• Argentina and Uruguay - tango, milonga, zamba, chacarera, candombe
• Venezuela - joropo, vals
• Colombia - cumbia
• Dominica - merengue
• Spain - flamenco, rumba, buleria

Over 50 pieces to play, including Oye Cómo Va, Bésame Mucho, Sò Danço Samba, El Manisero (The Peanut Vendor), Mambo No. 5, Mambo Influenciado, Mas Que Nada, Berimbau, The Girl from Ipanema, Manhã de Carnaval, Upa Neguinho, A Media Luz, Vals Venezolano #2 and Alfonsina y El Mar.

Original compositions by both authors feature copious assignments to help with syncopation and coordination, and key rhythm patterns such as clave, montuno and partido alto are given in-depth treatment. All pieces are included on the accompanying CDs, which contain authentic rhythm section tracks and invaluable play-along opportunities.

272 pages including photos and two CDs. RRP: £26.99

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Exploring Jazz Piano

Exploring Jazz Piano is the long-awaited follow-up to Tim Richards' acclaimed Improvising Blues Piano, also published by Schott Music. The overall level is somewhat higher, and would suit pianists of Grade 4 standard and above.

"There's little that comes close in terms of practicality of approach."
Brian Priestley, Jazzwise magazine

The response from pianists and teachers around the world has been similarly enthusiastic, eg:

"A whole new standard for jazz instruction."
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The new book comes in two volumes, comprising no less than 56 original pieces by the author, together with special arrangements of 24 jazz tunes, ranging from well-known standards such as Autumn Leaves and Summertime, to Thelonious Monk's Straight No Chaser and John Coltrane's Impressions.

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If you already own this book see the updates and corrections.

EXPLORING JAZZ PIANO was voted Best Pop Publication
at the 2006 MIA (Music Industry Association) awards.

Vol 1: 256 pages including photos and CD. RRP £26.99. Purchase here
Vol 2: 304 pages including photos and CD. RRP £26.99. Purchase here

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Improvising Blues Piano

Published in 1997 to wide acclaim, this is now acknowledged as the best blues piano instruction book on the market. It received the following write-up in the world's largest circulation blues magazine:

"I highly recommend the book... It's the best I've seen yet...
It's almost like having your own personal instructor..."

BLUES REVUE magazine (USA)

The response from pianists and teachers around the world has been overwhelmingly positive, eg:

"Without a close second, the best instruction book ever!"
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IMPROVISING BLUES PIANO won the Best Publication
prize at the 2004 Frankfurt Music Fair

264 pages including photso and CD. RRP £26.99

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ROCKSCHOOL Popular Piano Syllabus

This series of nine books for solo piano covers Grades 0-8. Tim's pieces appear in Grades 1-6 books inclusive.

Grade 1 Ten-to-Ten
Grade 2 Last Date
Grade 3 Timbo's Gumbo
Grade 4 Raised on The Gospel
Grade 5 Lazy Dog Blues
Grade 6
Beauville Boogie

See the Composition page for audio files of the last three pieces.

Raised on the Gospel and Timbo's Gumbo have been republished by Schott in the Blues, Boogie & Gospel Collection (see above).

The Popular Piano exam syllabus was in force from 2001-2015,
but has now been superceded by a new 'keyboard' syllabus

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Rockschool Ltd

ABRSM Jazz Piano Syllabus

This series of graded exam books was introduced in 1999 and covers Grades 1-5.

Two of Tim's pieces were selected from IMPROVISING BLUES PIANO:

Grade 2 On-Off Boogie
Grade 3 Barrelhouse Blues

The ABRSM Jazz Piano syllabus is still in force. Tim is also a jazz examiner
and has taught on several ABRSM 'Let's Teach Jazz' courses for
instrumental teachers. He also runs an annual short course for piano
teachers based on the syllabus at London's City Lit in November.

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Music Teacher magazine

Tim has also published numerous articles on jazz and blues piano, such as:

Thickening the Melodic Line (PDF)


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Full list of publications, articles and commissions