PRIVATE LESSONS: One-to-one lessons are mainly ONLINE via ZOOM - find details HERE.

EVENING CLASSES: I've been running weekly classes in jazz piano and blues piano in London since 1990. At Morley College in Waterloo I teach using my Schott publications, Exploring Jazz Piano Vols 1 & 2.

JAZZ PIANO 3 takes a year (Sep - June ) to cover the material in Vol 1 (details below) 
JAZZ PIANO 4 takes a year (Sep - June ) to cover the material in Vol 2 (details below)

Both classes are taught in a keyboard room, each student has their own digital piano. There are also two acoustic pianos in the same room, enabling duets with other students.

VIDEO CLIPS: You can also learn with the YouTube clips linked with my books - five for each book. Click on the drop-down menus in the top right-hand corner of the videos below, or view them directly on YouTube.

VIDEO COURSES: Complete video courses based on the 'Improvising Blues Piano' and 'Beginning Jazz Piano' books are available from MusicGurus.com

SHORT COURSES: I also teach short jazz piano courses at Benslow Music (Hitchin, Herts) and Premises Studios (Hackney, London).

TRANSCRIBING JAZZ SOLOS: This is a monthly class (6 meetings on Sundays afternoons) at The City Lit (London, Covent Garden).

ENROLMENT: JAZZ PIANO 3 and 4 evening classes

These are year-long courses (three terms, 10-12 weeks each) starting in September. Separate enrolment is available for each term. A performance with rhythm section takes place towards the end of the 3rd term, in late June or early July .

Tutor approval is required to enrol on these courses. Attend the Enrolment/Advice session at Morley - usually in the first week of September - where you can talk to Tim and other tutors to find out the best course for you. For precise dates and details of cost etc, click the link below and search for the course you require.

Morley College

Jazz Piano 3

Wednesdays 6.30-8.00pm : Weekly at Morley College's London Waterloo centre    
The course runs over three terms, normally 10-12 weeks each:

Term 1 (Sep-Dec): W23JPMB05A: Jazz Piano 3A
Term 2 (Jan-March): W23JPMB05B: Jazz Piano 3B
Term 3 (April-June): W23JPMB05C: Jazz Piano 3C

A hands-on class for intermediate pianists based on the tutor's book Exploring Jazz Piano Vol. 1. Brush up on jazz basics, including bass lines, chord voicings, improvisation techniques, and learn jazz standards in a variety of styles. 

Jazz Piano 4 (Advanced)

Tuesdays 8.00 - 9:30pm : Weekly at Morley College's London Waterloo centre
The course runs over three terms, normally 10-12 weeks each:

Term 1 (Sep-Dec): W23JPMB06A : Jazz Piano 4A
Term 2 (Jan-March): W23JPMB06B : Jazz Piano 4B
Term 3 (April-June): W23JPMB06C : Jazz Piano 4C

This class is for advanced jazz pianists who have already completed several years of study, and focuses on advanced jazz harmony and improvisation to professional level. Students are able to spend the whole year (3 terms) on the material covered in Tim's book Exploring Jazz Piano Vol 2. 

Topics include quartal harmony, altered and diminished chords/scales, pentatonics, rootless voicings, polychords, accompaniment, bebop and modal jazz.