Improvising Blues Piano

The basic principles of blues piano, explained for the intermediate level pianist in an easy-to-grasp fashion.

  • All styles from the 1920s to the present day
  • Examples of boogie woogie, swing, jazz, funk,
    gospel, New Orleans & Chicago blues...
  • Authentic left hand patterns & bass lines
  • Improvisation tips
  • Professional chord voicings
  • Blues scales, licks & riffs
  • Fingering
  • Co-ordination exercises for both hand
  • Explanations of all theoretical terms
  • Covers both solo piano and band playing
  • Suggested listening/ discography
  • Twenty full-page photographs of blues pianists

    "Without a close second, the best instruction book ever!"
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Over 60 pieces to play, including many original compositions by the author, together with new arrangements of the following well-known standards:

Ain't No Sunshine, Back in the Alley, Bag's Groove, Blueberry Hill, Blue Monk, C Jam Blues, Got my Mojo Workin', Honky Tonk Train Blues, How Long Blues, Just a Closer Walk with Thee, Mary Ann, Pine Top's Boogie Woogie, St Louis Blues, See See Rider.

Each chapter is graded within itself, providing some challenging pieces towards the end. Improvising is encouraged at all stages, with assignments giving ideas & guidance. The accompanying CD contains all the pieces, including some play-along tracks, performed by Tim Richards.

"I have never seen a book as complete, as professional,
and as well put together as this one."
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IMPROVISING BLUES PIANO won the Best Publication prize at the
2004 Frankfurt Music Fair, and is now available in German (in two volumes).
A Korean translation is also in the pipeline.

Press Reviews

"This book leaves any possible competition standing at the post"
Brian Priestley
- JAZZWISE Magazine

"The presentation is immaculate, the method is logical and friendly. This book feels good..."
MOJO Magazine

"The essential book for all aspiring blues pianists"
Jools Holland

"Beautifully presented, it has clarity, heart and comprehensiveness."
Michael Garrick

"Helpful features include a great CD by the London-based Richards, who is a top-notch performer, recording artist and educator... All the lessons are presented in an extremely organised and easy to understand manner; it's almost like having your own personal instructor... I highly recommend the book... It's the best I've seen yet."
(USA) - the largest circulation blues magazine in the world)

"It is a pleasure to be able unreservedly to recommend this book to aspiring blues and boogie pianists. I for one will be using it in my workshops in future."
Bob Hall
- BLUES & RHYTHM Magazine

"For blues piano, it's about as thorough as any book I've seen."
Jamey Aebersold

Schott ED 12504
264 pp + CD
RRP £2

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