15 pieces for Solo Piano

The companion volume to 'Blues, Boogie & Gospel Collection' includes 13 originals alongside Tim's arrangements of Thelonious Monk's 'Well You Needn't' and Duke Ellington's 'Come Sunday'.

The collection is aimed at pianists looking to expand their musical horizons. Pieces are graded, the level ranging from around Grades 3-7. Spanning an eclectic range of styles - including bebop, modal jazz, swing, blues, funk, calypso, samba and bossa - several pieces also blur the boundary between jazz and classical music.

In common with its predecessor, the pieces also include Tim's transcribed solos, to help you get a handle on the improvisation process. Further examples of improvisation are included on the MP3 downloads that accompany the book. 

"The pieces throughout this collection are uniformly excellent, brilliantly encapsulating their various styles, while adding to the literature as rewarding, individual pieces in their own right.

This is outstanding material, and another reminder that if there is such a thing as a 'gift of teaching',
Tim has it in spades. His explanations are genuinely helpful, covering complex terrain with admirably concise clarity."
Andrew Eales - pianodao.com

"The album is well organised and a great way to introduce jazz and improvisation skills to classically trained pianists... the pieces are uniquely charming and interesting."
MTNA magazine (USA)