Aimed at the advanced pianist, this is a collection of practice routines and studies designed to improve your fluency in all keys, learn new chord voicings and encourage you to explore new improvisation techniques.

This book is Vol 3 of a series initiated by US pianist Scot Ranney, the brains behind the website LearnJazzPiano.com


  • II-V and II-V-I Comping
  • I-VI-II-V Lines
  • Upper and Lower Neighbours
  • Arpeggio Pairs
  • Neutral Chords
  • Altered Dominants in a II-V-I
  • Quartal Comping and Combination
  • Diminished (click to download a PDF of this chapter FREE)
  • Flat 3 Pentatonic Lines with Quartal Left Hand
  • Minor II-V-I with Flat 3 Pentatonics
  • Minor II-V-I with Diminished Scale
  • Minor II-V-I with R235 patterns
  • Augmented Scale Workout
  • Drop Two Block Chords
  • Four Giant Steps

The 54-page notebook is available to download as an e-book (PDF) here at lulu.co: www.lulu.com/pdf

Printed copies (coil bound) are also available: